The hoopla surrounding the upcoming presidential inauguration will most likely dominate the headlines in the coming days. But with the deluge of the 24-hour news cycle, I suspect even the most avid political junkie would experience coverage fatigue sooner rather than later.

For some perspective, I recently viewed Discover the Real George Washington: New Views from Mount Vernon, which runs through Jan. 27 at the Missouri History Museum. The exhibition presents a more intimate side of our nation’s first commander-in-chief, showcasing everything from the punch bowl used during informal receptions at Mount Vernon to wartime letters to his “dearest Martha.”

There also is a life-size representation of President Washington’s inauguration at Federal Hall. Mr. Washington, who was 57 when he took the oath of office on April 30, 1789, knew then that first impressions mattered and that he would serve as a role model for future presidents. His steadfast leadership and unwavering love of country make his presidency among the greatest legacies of all time.