Some of you have noticed that in the last several months, we’ve debuted a couple of new columns in our Business Connection section: It’s All Relative and Talking Points.

It’s All Relative shines the spotlight on local businesses that have navigated the ebb and flow of running a successful operation, as well as the ups and downs of working with members of one’s own family. This week, columnist Paul Brown chronicles the rise of Orlando’s, one of the longest-running catering companies in St. Louis, and the family behind its 45-plus years of making meals and memories.

Another relatively new column, Talking Points, is from local author and presentation coach Fred Miller, whose day job is to help executives and others prepare for their moment behind the podium. Even if you’re a seasoned speaker, there are many ways to ‘up’ your game, so to speak; and with Fred’s help, you’ll have your audience looking forward to the next time your name is on the program.

Our Business Connection section begins on p. 25.