There is a song by one of my favorite voices, Ella Fitzgerald, called Yesterdays, which perfectly captures how many of us feel about nostalgia.

Nostalgia is a complicated feeling—and, according to researchers at the University of Southhampton in England, it also renders psychological benefits. Their 2012 study published in the journal, Emotion, reveals that those who engage in nostalgic reflection “report a stronger sense of belonging…describe their lives as more meaningful…and indicate higher levels of self-esteem and positive mood…”

Like most, my yearning for the past goes all the way back to childhood: summers spent on the Muyco ancestral farm, my grandmother’s cooking, and the sound of my dad’s voice serenading me to sleep with Hawaiian songs.

While these memories bring a smile to my face, sometimes, revisiting them comes at a price: an even deeper, more poignant longing for what once was—and never will be. But, just like the song says, Sad am I. Glad am I. For today, I'm dreaming of yesterdays.