In this issue, you’ll find our quarterly Retirement Lifestyle section, which features five colorful profiles of St. Louisans who continue to make their mark well into their golden years. In the following pages, you’ll get to know more about a passionate advocate for seniors, a longtime university president, an 80-something acrobat, a patriarch of the local Greek community and a former cartoonist.

Their stories not only make for fascinating reads. Here and there, you’ll also find a few gems, be it for inspiration or just to make you laugh—or cry. One of our subjects, ‘Bunny’ Herring, had a life of privilege planned out for her, but instead decided to take the proverbial ‘other’ fork in the road. Another profile tells the story of Nick Karakas, who has worked hard his entire life to pay back the country that has given him so much. “The Lord has given me these extra years to give back a portion of what I’ve earned and achieved, and I’m trying my best to do just that,” says the 87-year-old businessman. Words to live by, eh?