This month’s Nonprofit Spotlight shines on one of my favorite places to be in St. Louis: Laumeier Sculpture Park.

My love affair with Laumeier began years ago, when I discovered this vast playground during my high school years. So enthralled was I with the park’s surroundings that the summer following graduation, I volunteered at the Laumeier gift shop once a week just for the experience, as well as the opportunity to meet real-life artists—the epitome of ‘cool’ for a teenager who was hungry to embrace something more ‘grown-up.’

Strangely enough, now that I am a bona-fide grown-up, much of the time I spend at the park involves being ‘at play’—whether it’s a quiet hike with my husband through Mary Miss’ Pool Complex or Beverly Pepper’s Cromlech Glen; exploring with my little nephew from up above in Dré Wapenaar’s Treetent; or having the Muyco-Tobin dogs zipline and go through the canine village in Tea Mäkipää’s Not Without My Dog.

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