For the past week or so, the Muyco-Tobin household has been the recipient of a free DOG TV trial, courtesy of our satellite provider. While I haven’t had the chance to gauge what Rowan and Bauer think of it, you can bet their Mommy has been taking notes.

DOG TV claims that its programming is scientifically developed from a dog’s point of view. Its lineup of daily shows goes something like this: Morning Relaxation, Morning Stimulation, Afternoon Stimulation, Relaxation, Evening Relaxation, Evening Stimulation, and Night Time.

I highlight these to demonstrate that dogs—and most pets—are pretty simple creatures. Outside of food and shelter, they really require little else. And as far as what we get in return? Nothing but pure, unadulterated loyalty and love.

Have you been fortunate enough to experience this unconditional devotion from your pet? We’d love to hear from you! And while I have your attention, turn to p. 38 for our latest Happily Ever After story featuring a black lab named Kennedy.