Trish Muyco-Tobin photo by Sarah Crowder; makeup by Amy Koehler; hair by Ren Binder of Renditions Salon. Shot on location at La Patisserie Chouquette.

There was some excitement in the art world this week, when news surfaced about a hidden painting found beneath Picasso’s The Blue Room. As first reported by the Associated Press, conservators at The Phillips Collection in Washington have long suspected that there might be something under the surface of the 1901 masterpiece. And indeed, they’ve confirmed that infrared imagery has revealed a portrait of an unknown man in a jacket and bow tie, with his face resting on his hand. Who is he? That’s the next mystery to figure out.

Speaking of excitement, our own Saint Louis Art Museum continues its successful run of Impressionist France. And there’s some great news: The museum has announced that the groundbreaking exhibition will be extended for another week, to run through Bastille Day, July 14.

For Impressionism aficionados like me, this means a few more days to moon over Monet’s Boulevard de Capucines, Pissarro’s The Cabbage Harvest, Manet’s On the Beach at Boulogne and other awe-inspiring works. So, go ahead and stare. Maybe if you look hard enough…?