Trish Headshot Fall 2013
Sarah Crowder

I wouldn’t be surprised if the term ‘household name’ originated in and around 1968, with the likes of Vietnam, RFK, MLK, Laugh-In and love-ins, peace signs, beanbags, Warhol, Tupperware and Apollo 8 dominating our nation’s stream of consciousness during that tumultuous year. The Missouri History Museum’s new 1968 Exhibit captures how and why the events of the year that was established the course of our nation in the years to come.

The exhibit begins in a familiar, albeit foreboding way: in a living room with the television on, showing Walter Cronkite reporting from Vietnam. Then, it becomes downright sobering, as a Huey chopper stares you right in the face. Reflecting the exactness and attention to detail throughout the entire exhibit, we’re told that a group of local Vietnam veterans helped to assemble the aircraft to ensure that everything was just right. And while we all know how the year unraveled, the exhibit provides historical and expert insight along the way.

You’ll find our preview of The 1968 Exhibit with museum curator Gwen Moore on p. 54.