EdLetter / 3-29

If there is one thing many of us wish we had the time for, it’s the time to serve as a volunteer. But family, work and other obligations seem to deter some of us from even trying. That’s why it’s even more impressive to come across the 10 St. Louis area women you’ll read about in this week’s issue—all lifelong volunteers who have made the commitment to give of their time to better the lives of others.

Together, they make up the Women of Achievement Class of 2013. The annual award, established in 1955, was created based “on the belief that the community benefited immeasurably from the service of women volunteers and that public recognition would celebrate the women and serve as an inspiration to others.” If that description seems too wordy, let me share with you a conversation I often overhear: Did you hear so-and-so is getting the Women of Achievement Award? What’s that? I’m not really sure, but it’s the BIG one. Exactly.

Congratulations, Class of 2013!