My love affair with books started in my early teens. In school, we were reading Shakespeare, Hugo, Austen, Poe, Twain and Hemingway. But I have to admit that for the most part, my interpretation of their works was limited to understanding the plot and identifying the main characters.

Fast-forward to present time, where I find myself revisiting my high school reading list—only this time, it’s actually something I luxuriate in. I remember picking up The Complete Works of William Shakespeare not too long ago and devoting a weekend to reacquainting myself with The Bard. I also revisited A Farewell to Arms during one sleepless night, and in those few hours, discovered the nuances that escaped my teenage mind.

As for Austen, while it was challenging to relate to her at a young age, I now appreciate the timelessness of her themes. Take for instance, Sense and Sensibility. While it certainly left an impression on me 20-plus years ago, imagine the juxtaposition with my more grown-up mind! Speaking of which, The Rep’s production of this time-honored tale continues through March 3. Why not rediscover this classic? It only makes Sense.