Thank you. The phrase is so common, we don’t even give it a second thought when we say it or when someone conveys it to us. But expressing sincere gratitude takes special effort; and that is why here at LN, we delight in the ways our readers tell us they like what they see. No matter how it is expressed (an email or handwritten note—or even with cupcakes or flowers), know that the gesture is absolutely appreciated.

            But personally, there is no experience more humbling than to be on the receiving end of gratitude from a charity or nonprofit organization. For instance, SitemanCancerCenterpresented us with a plaque last week that read, Because of your support, together, we’re making an impact on cancer. And the St. Louis Holocaust Museum and Learning Center recently told us, We sold out our dinner. Thanks, in big part, to you. My impulse always is to say, Why are you thanking us? We should be thanking you.

             We appreciate the fact that every week, you trust Ladue News to be your storyteller, as well as your advocate for St. Louis’ many worthy causes. So simply put, Thank YOU.