In late September 2001, I found myself in New York City just days after 9/11. I was there on assignment, documenting the story of a Bronx woman who lost her brother in the attacks, as well as visiting with a Manhattan chaplain who knew all too well the pain that tens of thousands of families were going through following the sudden, horrific loss of their loved ones.

The chaplain, the late Andrew J. Weaver, told me something about grief that has brought me comfort in the years to come: Grief is the price of love, he said. You grieve because you loved.

This week’s Health & Wellness feature (p. 64) discusses ways to move through grief. Author Elizabeth Berrien, who lost her husband and infant son within the span of two years, talks about her journey from grief to a new beginning. As with many of us who’ve experienced the despair of losing someone dear, coping is difficult. But there are ways to get through it. And thanks to the Reverend Weaver, my way has been to find solace in knowing that love lives on.