Trish Muyco-Tobin photo by Sarah Crowder; makeup by Amy Koehler; hair by Ren Binder of Renditions Salon. Shot on location at Peabody Opera House.

There’s almost always one scene in every movie that will make me cry. On the other hand, my husband has rarely gotten teary-eyed in the 20 years or so we’ve been watching movies together. Perhaps he’s too busy watching me sob/blubber/bawl—yes, I’ve been known to let the tears flow in the first two minutes of The Notebook (with a line like I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and for me that has always been enough, how could you not?), and also the entire second half of The Bridges of Madison County, knowing how doomed Robert and Francesca’s romance was.

This week, NPR presented its survey about the movies that make men cry. Bottom line, it found one man in Hollywood who can consistently get it done: Tom Hanks. From Philadelphia and Forrest Gump to Toy Story and Captain Phillips, it seems Mr. Hanks can make even the manliest man reach for his hank-y.

So, I performed my own survey on Mr. Tobin, expecting him to say Cast Away or The Green Mile. Of course, he throws me a curve: Edward Scissorhands, he says. Go figure!