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St. Louis sports fans may remember the name Jack Snow. A star wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams in the ‘60s and ‘70s, he later became the team’s broadcaster and followed the Rams when they moved to St. Louis in 1995. He passed away in 2006, but his name—and certainly, his legacy—lives on: On p. 22, you’ll find out more about The Jack and J.T. Snow Scientific Research Foundation. Since 2010, it has been funding research on Wolfram syndrome, a rare form of diabetes diagnosed in young children. And the prognosis for patients is dire, as they are not expected to live past their 30th birthday.

Jack’s youngest granddaughter, Raquel, was diagnosed with Wolfram at age 5. Earlier this year, I met Raquel’s mom, Stephanie (Jack’s daughter). Stephanie’s determination stirred something in me. Yes, she’s in it for her daughter, but this fight of her life could impact many more lives.

Raquel turns nine this Saturday, and our wish for her is to celebrate many, many more happy birthdays to come. Happy birthday, Raquel!