There is one piece of music that I’m sure you’ve all heard, but may not know much about. Carl Orff’s O Fortuna has been featured in a number of films, on TV shows, in commercials, and even on the playing field (one college marching band plays it every time its team gets a third down).

O Fortuna is based on Carmina Burana, a collection of poems that delve into the cycle of life and the cause of life’s pains. The poems were written between the 11th and 13th centuries, and discovered in Bavaria in 1803.

Last weekend, Dance St. Louis presented the epic production at The Touhill, combining the talents of Nashville Ballet, UMSL’s orchestra and singers, Bach Society of Saint Louis and the St. Louis Children’s Choirs. What a feast it was for the senses—to see, hear and feel the emotion behind the score! And how satisfying it was to realize yet again how art endures: through a medieval piece of work that  has been part of our modern-day lives all along—even though most of us didn’t know it!