Trish Red Dress Garden
Trish Muyco-Tobin photo by Sarah Crowder; makeup by Amy Koehler; hair by Ren Binder of Renditions Salon. Shot on location at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

We are in the thick of vacation season, which not only means travel for many of us, but also encountering tourists in and around St. Louis.

A recent online poll asked residents in a handful of America’s most visited cities about the tourist traits they find most annoying. Topping the list: asking for directions (New York); stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to take photos (San Francisco); not tipping appropriately (Chicago); walking too slowly so they can look at everything (Washington D.C.); and being asked to take their photo (Orlando). The survey, part of ongoing research by CouponCodesPro into how Americans interact with tourists in their cities, amusingly notes that the same people admitted to being guilty of the same behavior when they travel.

On a positive note, about a third of respondents didn’t mind tourists at all. Instead, they say that encountering tourists reminded them of “how great my city is.” Isn’t that what most of us here in St. Louis would think? Really, wouldn’t you want to make someone’s day by taking their photo in front of the Grand Basin, or giving them directions to Ted Drewes? I know I would!