Trish Arch Shot (NEW)

EdLetter / 4-19

As you’ll find within this week’s pages, we are celebrating Mother’s Day early. Our Mother-Child Look Alike contest was bigger than ever this year, generating heavy traffic on LN’s Facebook page with submissions from readers of every age. Turn to p. 28 to see this year’s winners.

In another special feature, we asked some familiar St. Louisans about their moms—and why they love them. We all love our moms, but have you really thought about why? I recently asked myself that question. Let me tell you, coming up with an answer to fit this space was not easy.

When we see expressions of love, they are often represented by a heart. Simply put, my mom is my heart. And not surprisingly, she is the heart of our family. She puts family first, and she never wavers from that commitment. For me and my siblings, we can’t ask for a better representation of love.

What’s your answer?