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Sarah Crowder

So Super Bowl weekend is upon us. As in years past, tradition at the Muyco-Tobin household dictates that the man of the house gets waited on hand and foot. (Before some of you ladies protest, rest assured that Mr. Tobin returns the favor come Oscar night.)

The game-day feast is pretty elaborate and usually centers on a theme. Previous fests include a Cajun meal for last year’s Super Bowl from New Orleans, a Tex-Mex fiesta for Super Bowl XXXVIII, and a Southern-inspired spread for the showdown in the Georgia Dome that made the Rams the Super Bowl champs in 2000.

As of this writing, the theme of this weekend’s feast remains up in the air. Should we go with a Rocky Mountain High spread (buffalo steaks, Denver omelets) or something Seattle-inspired like Copper River salmon and lots of coffee? Maybe we’ll pay homage to the host city of New Jersey—rippers and salt water taffy, anyone?

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