This week signals an exciting time for us at Ladue News, an energy that extends all the way to the Central West End, where our third annual Show House opens beginning this Saturday, Oct. 5.

For the past few weeks, #23 Lenox Place transformed into a designer’s playground of sorts, as some of St. Louis’ top interior designers and landscapers tugged and toiled away to create eye-popping spaces that will have everyone talking. All this hustle and bustle truly is a labor of love, as everyone involved has generously contributed their time and talent to bring this fall tradition into fruition. I previewed the finished spaces the other day, and as I went from room to room, I found it challenging to settle on a favorite space.

Just for fun, we asked this week’s contributors about a favorite room at their home (see p. 4). I hope this utilitarian exercise gets you in the mood for the LN Show House, which runs through Oct. 20 and benefits four local charities. For tickets and more information, visit