For the past few days, it was hard to ignore the world of sports—even if you’re not a sports fan. Whether you like basketball or baseball, it was good to be a Cardinals fan this week: The Louisville Cardinals claimed the NCAA Men’s Basketball title, a game that became the most watched in 19 years. And of course, this week also brought us Opening Day at Busch Stadium, which, for Cardinal Nation, is an event in itself—and that’s a good thing because…well, you know what happened there.

But perhaps the most low-key event in sports this week is the one most worth cheering about: Webster University brought home the Final Four of Collegiate Chess, marking the university’s first national chess championship and further aiding St. Louis’s efforts to become the chess mecca.

The Webster team, led by grandmaster Susan Polgar (an LN 2013 Dynamic Person honoree), includes eight grandmasters—unheard of in the world of collegiate chess (we’re told the country of Canada has only nine grandmasters). This is definitely a team to beat. Go, Gorloks!