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Sarah Crowder

The numbers are staggering: Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and thousands more have yet to be accounted for in the wake of the super-typhoon that devastated the Philippines last week. I’ve received many caring calls, texts and emails from friends, colleagues and even strangers, asking if anyone in my family was affected. Fortunately, most of the Muycos live in Manila, which was spared from Haiyan’s wrath. But that sense of relief was fleeting, as seeing the images of those left hungry and hurting overwhelmed me. All I could think of was my well-stocked pantry and a hall closet full of toiletries and first-aid items...

This week, I reached out to the St. Louis-based Filipino American Association of Missouri (FAAMO). The latest census numbers show there are approximately 5,000 Filipino-Americans locally. The group’s president, Noli Vasallo, says he’s spoken with St. Louisans who are still waiting to hear word from relatives in the storm-stricken areas. With help from the American Red Cross, FAAMO has set up a fund for victims (, or you may donate directly to the Philippine Red Cross (