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Sarah Crowder

During this season of giving, I’ve already found myself on the receiving end of many a thoughtful, benevolent gift. Most were given as holiday presents; while others were a bit more complicated: They were items given as thank-you gifts.

For instance, I recently gave one of my most cherished friends (let’s call her JB) a gift as a thank-you for helping organize a photo shoot for us. Well, JB then turns around and sends me a fairly substantial gift card as a thank-you for my thank-you. In another example, my friend, LA, sent me a floral centerpiece to thank me for something I’ve done for her—which, of course, means that I’ll probably need to send LA another gesture of my appreciation. See how this can easily get out of control? When does it stop, you ask? Well, that’s where I’m not so sure.

I guess it’s a good problem to have. In this day and age of abbreviated tweets, texts and emails, it’s nice to know that there still are people out there who believe in the fine art of appreciation and gratitude. Thank you!