By Sarah Crowder

Bring elegance and class back to travel with luxurious luggage and smart—but stylish—accessories.

1. Lightweight but sturdy, Rimowa luggage ($450 and $655, Passport Luggage) lets you glide through the terminal with ease.

2. Use a jewelry roll ($16, Melanie's) to avoid finding tangled necklaces upon arrival.

3. Take note of your voyage in this colorful travel journal ($19.95, Ivy Hill.)

4. This travel nail kit ($20, Sephora) helps keep digits dashing.

5. It might be chilly on the plane; best to pack a Margaret O'Leary open-front cardigan ($168, Ivy Hill), just in case.

6. Be the chic, mysterious traveler, with a printed scarf ($18, Melanie's) wrapped around you.

7. Use a Helen Jon head wrap ($29, Splash) to keep your hair out of your face, while in the air or by the pool.

8. This packable sunhat ($22, Melanie's) can handle the bending and squishing of travel without losing its shape.

9. The Mystique Stone Sandal ($158, Splash) adds a touch of summer color without eating up much valuable suitcase space.

10. Pay homage to your mode of transportation with these airplane earrings ($34, Melanie's.)

11. You'll need your ID and boarding pass handy; keep them together in this Lodis passport and ticket holder ($58, Passport Luggage.)