So last week, Rolling Stone magazine came out with its readers’ poll, listing the 25 funniest films of all time. It’s an easy out for the magazine: When outraged fans post about missing movies or complaints about certain ones on the list, the editors can simply fall back on the 'readers’ poll' excuse. No going out on a limb there.

Films 11 to 25 are: 

11) The Jerk

12) The Big Lebowski

13) There’s Something About Mary

14) Borat

15) A Fish Called Wanda

16) The 40-Year-Old Virgin

17) Step Brothers

18) Anchorman

19) Office Space

20) Planes Trains & Automobiles

21) Raising Arizona

22) Dr. Strangelove

23) The Blues Brothers

24) Tommy Boy

25) Superbad

I don’t want to dwell to much on the back 3/5 of the list. Frankly you could argue/discuss/debate the movies that belong there until you’re blue in the face. Overall, it’s not a bad selection; although to utter Superbad in the same breath as The Blues Brothers is a venal cinematic sin. Other than that, I don’t have a huge problem with the list.

Films 1 to 10: 

1) Blazing Saddles

2) Airplane!

3) Monty Python and the Holy Grail

4) Animal House

5) Young Frankenstein

6) Caddyshack

7) This is Spinal Tap

8) Life of Brian

9) Dumb and Dumber

10) The Naked Gun

Couple of things: Two Monty Python films? Seriously? I can forgive two Mel Brooks movies, I might have even added High Anxiety and History of the World Part I to the list, but one Python film is plenty. Airplane was a groundbreaking film and pushed the comedy envelope--hard. It’s a movie that could never be made today, so it deserves a place on the list; maybe not second place, but still. As far as Dumb and Dumber goes, well, when you consider the movies that didn’t make the cut, as well as the movies behind it, to put it in the top 10 is a joke—and not in a good way.

Here are 10 they left off:


Foul Play

The Royal Tenenbaums


The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Best in Show


Wedding Crashers

Trading Places

Tropic Thunder

If the dates of these films tell you anything, it’s that there hasn’t been a really, really funny movie out there in a while. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, it looks like a rental night. Whether or not these are the 25 funniest films of all time, they are—without a doubt—funny, and they are all worth a look.

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