Thanksgiving is just days away, and let me guess: It kind of crept up on you this year. Well, considering it’s technically on a different date each year, I guess it can catch you off-guard—that’s my excuse, certainly. Especially this year with the Hanukkah overlap—Thanksgivi-kah, if you will—and the start of Christmas shopping, it’s a very busy time. So take a moment to unwind with a little Turkey Day trivia.

1) The small flap of skin under the turkey’s neck is called the wattle. What is the skin that hangs from the side of the beak called?

2) Within 10 years, what was the date of the first Thanksgiving?

3) Within 10 years, when was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

4) Three years later, Macy’s introduced the first balloon character for which the parade is now famous. Who was it?

5) In 1934, the NFL played its first Thanksgiving Day game. Who played? Who was the home team?

6) Traditionally, the busiest travel day of the year falls during Thanksgiving week. Which day of the week is it?

7) Male turkeys gobble. What noise do female turkeys make?

8) Which president carved on Mount Rushmore made Thanksgiving a national holiday? Which one opposed the idea?

9) Why is a male turkey referred to as 'Tom?'

10) What now-common multi-generational dining tradition is said to have originated during 19th century Thanksgiving celebrations?

Answers: 1: the snood, 2: 1621, 3: 1924, 4: Felix the Cat, 5: Detroit Lions hosted the Chicago Bears, 6: Friday, 7: cluck, 8: Lincoln, Jefferson, 9: Ben Franklin is rumored to have coined the phrase to mock Jefferson for opposing the holiday, however it is also widely thought that Tom is a less crude way to distinguish the male, 10) the kids' table.

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