The Best

10) Star Trek

    Sci-fi isn’t really my bag, but the awesome special effects paired with the trip down memory lane make this a fun romp.

9) Up

    Stunning animation aside, this has to be one of the most touching family films I have ever seen.

8) The Hangover

    This off-the-wall buddy comedy will have you laughing for weeks.

7) Taken

    Liam Neeson sets the standard for revenge thrillers in this nail-biter.

6) Invictus

    Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon are brilliant in this moving recount of Nelson Mandela’s attempt to unite South Africa by winning the 1995 rugby World Cup.

5) Inglourious Basterds

    Quentin Tarantino delivers his trademark violence in this gripping story of  Nazis and the ‘basterds’ that hunt them.

4) (500) Days of Summer

    This flick redefines the romantic comedy.

3) Up in the Air

    Oscar buzz abounds for George Clooney in his performance as a professional corporate down-sizer whose crazy travel schedule conveniently isolates him from the human experience.

2) The Blind Side 

    Run, don’t walk, to this year’s most moving film, the true story of Baltimore Ravens left tackle Michael Oher.

1) Sherlock Holmes

    Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law—enough said. Be forewarned, however, that this is not your father’s (or even Doyle’s) Sherlock Holmes.

And now for the fun part…the worst:

10) Angels & Demons

    Despite the best efforts of the cast, the absolutely ridiculous plot lands this one at No. 10.

9) Bride Wars

    How a script like this gets a green light I will never know. It brings a new irony to the phrase ‘talent attached.’

8) Pink Panther 2

    Peter Sellers is rolling over in his grave.

7) The Invention of Lying

    Who knew one joke could last 90 minutes?

6) Avatar

    $300 million. Enough said.

5) Old Dogs

    You know a script is bad when Robin Williams can’t make it funny and John Travolta can’t make it interesting.

4) Dance Flick

    Even the kids think it’s stupid.

3) Transformers 2

    I guess with enough special effects and sexy poses by Megan Fox, you don’t need a plot.

2) G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra

    I sat through Jaws 3D because Dennis Quaid was in it, but here I draw the line… and you know a sequel is coming.

1) Year One

    If I told you a movie written and directed by Harold Ramis and starring Jack Black, Michael Cera, Hank Azaria and Paul Rudd wasn’t funny, you wouldn’t believe me. This stinker is painful. 

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