I‘ve decided to give a ‘2-4’ (as in 63124) Trivia Quiz. So here it is:

1.) When standing in the parking lot facing the entrance to The Woman’s Exchange, which is the only functioning door of the pair?

2.) Same question, only standing in the parking lot facing Gourmet to Go.

3.) Where is the Ladue branch of the U.S. Post Office?

4.) Spell the name of the road that runs from Hanley to Lindbergh and borders Tilles Park to the south.

5.) What is the farthest point east you can be in St. Louis and still be in Ladue?

6.) How many private clubs are located in Ladue?

7.) What is the name of Truffles’ amiable bartender?

8.) How many dine-in restaurants (not including clubs) are located in Ladue? Name them.

9.) To the nearest square mile, how big is Ladue?

10.) What were the circumstances surrounding the lawsuit involving Ladue that went to the United States Supreme Court in the early 1990s? What was the outcome?

11.) Emmy nominee and Mad Men star Jon Hamm attended what Ladue secondary school?

12.) Scrubs actor Scott Foley attended what Ladue secondary school?

13.) Of the following, which would you not find in Ladue?

    A. a wildlife preserve    B. a convent

    C. a movie theater        D. a bakery for dogs

14.) Real estate agents humorously refer to the location of Ladue’s most valuable real estate as being located inside ‘the golden rectangle.’ What four roads border that area?

15.) When Hwy. 40 (finally) reopens, how many entrances and exits will be accessible in Ladue?

  Answers in next week’s paper…and quite possibly a quiz about another neighborhood popular with LN readers. How well do you know Olivette, the Central West End or St. Albans? What Oscar winner comes from Clayton? What suburb has the highest mean housing price? (You may be surprised.) 

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