Well, we have weathered another Oscar season, and a pretty good one to boot. While this year’s winners were all exceptional, there are always a few that must be endured rather than enjoyed. Scenes of life in a third world slum, pedophile priests and struggles with addiction are meaningful and probing, but they can also be painful and uncomfortable. Well, sweep all the heavy stuff aside: If you’re one of those people who goes to the movies to be entertained, not enlightened, your season has come. It’s spring, the season of car chases and romance, of explosions and adventures, of screwball comedy and conspiracy theories. Here’s what’s in store:


    It’s 1985 and the government has decommissioned superheroes. When one of the former crime fighters is murdered, a hero named Rorschach assembles a team to solve the crime and unmask a deeper evil plot. It’s like a really dark, live-action version of The Incredibles. (March 6)

Race to Witch Mountain

    In Hollywood’s proud tradition of derivative plots, sequels and remakes, here producers retool the 1975 classic, which incidentally spawned a spin-off, about two unusually gifted children who must get to the aforementioned mountain to avert an alien invasion. (March 13)


    Promising to be the big thriller of the season, Duplicity stars Julia Roberts and Clive Owen as corporate security experts and lovers who team up to pull the ultimate con job on their respective employers. (March 20)


    Going head-to-head against Duplicity (why do I think that release date might change?), Knowing stars Nicholas Cage as a college professor who finds a sheet of paper from a time capsule with series of dates and numbers. They appear to be accurate predictions of past, and future, natural disasters. It remains to be seen if this will be Cage’s Sixth Sense or his The Happening. (March 20)

I Love You, Man

    In this flick, everybody’s favorite supporting actor Paul Rudd steps into the spotlight as Peter, a friendless groom-to-be on a quest to find a best friend/best man. Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Jason Segel co-stars as Peter’s potential BFF. (March 20)


    The ‘80s are making a resurgence this month, this time in an indie comedy about a kid who takes a summer job at his local amusement park and learns many valuable life lessons. Set in 1987, the film stars Twilight’s Kristin Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. (March 27)

Monsters vs. Aliens

        Pixar’s latest installment should have the kiddos cheering. The voices of Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie and Seth Rogen tell the animated tale of aliens invading Earth and the government-detained monsters employed to defend the planet. (March 27) 

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