Well it’s officially the holiday season. It’s dark at 4:30 p.m., I am craving chili and it’s always almost raining. We are one animated film, a wholesome family feature, a sweeping epic and 17 raw exploratory dramas away from Christmas.

Bolt (Nov. 21)

    Cross the animated film off your list. This is it. Miley Cyrus and John Travolta are the power voices in this story of a TV star dog who escapes his studio and explores New York. Oh, and he doesn’t know his TV powers are fake.

Twilight (Nov. 21)

    Probably the most highly anticipated film of the season, Twilight is the screen adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling young adult series about a young girl who falls in love with a  very attractive vampire.

Australia (Nov. 26)

Sweeping epic…check. Here Nicole Kidman stars as a British aristocrat who inherits an Australian cattle ranch and falls in love with a local roughneck played by Hugh Jackman. Together they must defend themselves and their land as war looms.

Four Christmases (Nov. 26)

    At this point the studio figures you’re probably jonesing for some lighter fare. Here Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon star as a couple who are forced to visit each of their divorced parents in one day when their annual holiday trip is canceled. Wait. Maybe this is the dysfunctional family drama.

Milk (Nov. 26)

    Can you say Oscar buzz??? Here Sean Penn stars as Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician to be elected to the San Francisco board of supervisors. One year later Milk and the mayor, George Moscone, were shot to death. The film also stars James Franco and Emile Hirsch.

More to come in December…

Correction: There was a mistake in the answers to the 2-4 (as in 63124) quiz. The answer to question six, How many private clubs are located in Ladue, should have been six, not five. Old Warson was inadvertently left off the list. Thanks to Judy Nevel of Ladue for pointing out the oversight. 

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