How well do you know Clayton?

1. The block of Maryland Avenue between Forsyth and Brentwood Boulevard houses a string of (currently) 15 connected shops. Going from west to east, name as many as you can.

2. What is the name of those shops collectively?

3. There are three public elementary schools in Clayton. Can you name them? Extra credit: name the two that closed.

4. Starting at Hanley Road and heading east down Wydown Boulevard, can you name the six neighborhoods you pass before getting to Big Bend?

5. What is the name of the park on the south side of Kingsbury between Bemiston and Central?

6. How many total parks are there in Clayton?

7. On the single block of Central between Maryland and Forsyth there are currently 13 different places to grab a bite or a drink. Can you name them?

8. What is the name of the bronze sculpture at the western end of Wydown Boulevard, and who is the artist?

9. How big is Clayton, in square miles?

10. A distinct piece of property off Gay Avenue marks the farthest point west in Clayton. What is it?


1. Companion, Simons (new location), Gourmet Food Works, The Great Frame Up, Almonds, Maryland Gallery, David’s in Clayton, The Curtain Exchange, Byrd, Su-Ellen, Posh Nosh, Simons (old location), Salon Blanca, Brilliant Antiques, Margaret’s, Barucci Gallery

2. The Williamsburg Shops

3. Captain, Meramec and Glenridge schools. The two closed are Maryland and McMorrow

4. On the north, you pass Wydown Forest, Carrswold and Brentmoor Park. On the south, it’s the Moorlands, Claverach Park and Forest Ridge.

5. Taylor Park

6. Nine: Taylor Park, Shaw Park, Hanley House Park, Wydown Park, DeMun Park, Concordia Park, Whitburn Park, Alamo Park and Oak Knoll Park

7. Starbucks, McAllisters, Mosaic, Kilkenny’s, John P. Fields, Jennifer’s Pharmacy, Barcelona, Pomme, Pomme Wine Bar, House of Wong, Il Vicino, San Sai, Portabella, Chipotle

8. Man on Horse by Fernando Botero

9. 2.5 square miles

10. The Clayton High School Stadium

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