Just as the robin is the harbinger of spring, the blockbuster is the harbinger of summer. And as it looks now, summer 2010 will not disappoint. Sure, there are a lot of sequels and remakes, but that’s standard fare these days. Now the best we can hope for are good sequels, interesting remakes and maybe one or two breaths of fresh air. Here’s what’s coming in May and June:

Iron Man 2

    Why not kick-off the summer season with a nine-figure opening weekend? People have been waiting for this sequel since the credits rolled on the original in 2008. Star Robert Downey Jr. and director Jon Favreau would have to really work hard to screw this one up. (May 7)

Robin Hood

    When Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe teamed up in 2000 for Gladiator, Crowe walked away with an Academy Award and the film won Best Picture. 2008’s Body of Lies was another story. Now the two have regrouped for the reinvention of a classic tale. There are fears that the ultra-realistic retelling will turn off audiences, but we certainly have to give this Oscar-laden cast the benefit of the doubt. (May 14)

Shrek Forever After

    The ogre isn’t the only thing green about this film franchise. Apparently the original cast thought, Hey, I could use another $10 million for beer money, why not? Oh, and of course, it’s 3D. (May 21)

Sex and the City 2

    The sassy quartet is back, and they may not be 20 any more (or 30), but they are still fabulous. Like any good sequel, this time they are taking their fabulousness (fabulosity?) on the road, sipping Cosmos in Abu Dhabi. I think for the third installment they are going into space.

The A-Team

    This is what I was referring to when I mentioned a good remake. The cast is perfect and the special effects are mind-blowing, including a parachuted tank falling from a crashing plane. I can’t wait. (June 11)

Kung Fu Kid

I don’t know which is sadder, Pat Morita (the original Mr. Miyagi) passing away, or Will Smith hijacking this treasure to launch his son’s career. Yuck. (June 11)

Toy Story 3

    Just reread the Shrek comments. (June 18)

The Green Hornet

    And next up on the comic book super-heroes list…On the upside, this one has tremendous potential judging from the cast and crew. Seth Rogen completely transformed his body to play the role of Britt Reid, a.k.a. the Green Hornet, and he is joined by Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz. (June 25)

Grown Ups

    You have to hand it to Adam Sandler. After the disastrous ensemble comedy Funny People, he’s at it again. Here Sandler stars with Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider and David Spade as a group of high school friends who reunite for the funeral of their basketball coach. (June 25)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    Happy Fourth of July, Robert Pattinson. Move over, Spiderman 2, Twihards may very well make this the biggest holiday summer opening ever.

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