Well, we’re almost out of the woods. We made it through the January bilge and a February with nothing but Oscar re-releases that were worth seeing. Spring break is almost over, and the studios know that the time has come to start releasing some movies that people actually will pay to see. Here’s what we have (hopefully) to look forward to this spring:


The Place Beyond the Pines (March 29)

Ryan Gosling stars as a traveling daredevil who discovers, upon returning to his hometown, that his former love (Eva Mendes) has given birth to his son. He settles down in hopes of creating a stable family life. All that changes when he gets recruited into a crime ring, and is relentlessly pursued by an aggressive rookie policeman (Bradley Cooper). 


The Host (March 29)

I wouldn’t bother including this alien invasion/ love story based on a book by Twilight author Stephenie Meyers, but for the fact that it stars Saoirse Ronan (Atonement). She is incredibly talented and always chooses interesting and original projects. Here her body gets occupied by an alien host and together they go in search of her lost love. Ok, so maybe this time she just wanted to make beach house money, we’ll have to wait and see. 


Evil Dead (April 5)

This remake or reboot or re-imagining--whatever Hollywood's word du jour is--boasts that it is “the most terrifying film you will ever experience.” I fear they are right, but for very different reasons than they are touting…


The Company You Keep (April 5)

Robert Redford returns to the big screen here, playing an attorney living a quiet life in upstate New York. His world is turned upside down when a reporter (Shia LaBeouf) exposes his radical criminal past as a violent anti-war protester.


42 (April 12)

Frankly, I’m surprised they aren’t holding this Jackie Robinson biopic for a more Oscar-friendly autumn release. The film documents the first African American major league baseball player’s harrowing and heroic journey.


Oblivion (April 19)

Tom Cruise, alien invasion, intergalactic battle, mankind’s future hanging in the balance. I felt obligated to mention it.


The Numbers Station (April 26)

If you’ve been hoping for a good spy thriller, your wait may be over. Here, John Cusack plays a veteran CIA agent assigned to the seemingly uncomplicated task of protecting a menial code operator at a remote location. If you guessed all is not as it seems, give yourself a gold star.

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