So, we’re all painfully aware that language is fluid and evolving—we have YOLO to thank for it, after all. Words change and new words crop up all the time. Ginormous is now a word—a real word—not something cute your 3-year-old says. I actually think in this mile-a-millisecond world, language is doing more than evolving, it’s trending—and the word 'trending' is an example. New words are hip, boss, keen, even though those descriptors are not…or are they? Did I mention language also is cyclical? Words are stretched and deconstructed and truncated and manipulated into common usage. Some gather momentum, others peter out (phat). One of the current words in the spotlight is moon, or more accurately, honeymoon.

Honeymoon (hunni moon), n. 1. A vacation for a newly married couple.

There's also 'babymoon,' a vacation an expectant couple takes before the baby is born. Much like the greeting-card writers at Hallmark, it seems the marketing department at Expedia is working overtime, and it’s paying off. A babymoon is the hot pregnancy trend. It makes sense. It’s really the only time you’re ever going to travel with an infant where you don’t have to stress about it crying on the airplane.

There is also a 'mini-moon,' a small trip, a weekend away, after a wedding, when the couple is too busy to take a full honeymoon. Hollywood stars might take a mini-moon after a celeb wedding, as shooting schedules would prevent the glamorous trip for which they have the money, but not the time.

Really, the possibilities are limitless: 

Phi Moon: the first weekend away a college couple takes

Warren Moon: a vacation with your husband where you spend the weekend fantasizing you’re with a professional athlete

Some Young Moon: a honeymoon with a trophy wife

Full (house) moon: a trip for a married couple with more than two children younger than 5

Acrimoon: an outing for a couple contemplating divorce to try and reconcile

Like I said, limitless. Moon now simply means a couples’ trip. So any excursion that a twosome may take can now be deemed a moon. New types are cropping up as we speak. Maybe this weekend, I will leave Cranky, Whiny and Punch to fend for themselves, grab my husband and head down to the Four Seasons to unwind: That would be call a once in a blue moon.

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