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I don’t want to raise the bar too much after the abysmal cinematic summer we’ve had, but things do seem to be looking up. Here’s what’s coming in August:


August 2

2 Guns

The interesting thing about this movie is that I have heard absolutely nothing about it. Every once in while, that can be a very good thing. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg star as two competing undercover drug operatives forced to go on the run after a deal goes bad. The hook: Neither knows the other one is a good guy. That cast and that plot make it a must-see.


August 9


In a future world, the 1 percent has taken it to the extreme, inhabiting another planet free of crime, poverty and sickness. Meanwhile, back on earth, the wretched refuse toil without hope, until one man (Matt Damon) decides to defy the system. The film also stars Jodie Foster.

We’re the Millers

In this road-trip comedy, a low-level pot dealer gets in over his head and is forced to become a very creative smuggler. He recruits sketchy friends and questionable neighbors to pose as his family for an RV jaunt into Mexico ‘for vacation.’ Jason Sudeikis is in the driver’s seat in what could be a career-launching role.


August 16

The Butler

The Oscar buzz starts early this year. Here, Forest Whitaker plays the man who served as the gentleman’s gentleman for eight presidents in The White House, and gives his unique insight on the sweeping social change that took place over his 30-year stint.


Liam Hemsworth is angling to join brother Chris on the Hollywood A-list. In this compelling thriller, he plays a young blue-collar telecom worker blackmailed by a ruthless CEO (Gary Oldman) into spying on a rival company. The film also stars Harrison Ford.


August 23

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

If you aren’t familiar with these six fantasy-fiction novels, odds are, you don’t have a teenage girl living at home. In the first installment, a seemingly ordinary Manhattan teen (Lily Collins) discovers she is a descendant of a long line of Shadow Hunters, mystical demon fighters. To save her mother, she must band with them to battle the various forces of evil that threaten mankind. Don’t laugh, I smell Hunger Games money.


August 30


Ethan Hawke plays a race car driver who commandeers a custom Mustang and races against time at the whim of a madman in order to save his kidnapped wife. Oh, and don’t get your hopes up—it’s not a remake of the Steve McQueen classic. So, if it rains Labor Day…

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