Barry Odom saved a recruiting class. The Mizzou coach was dealing with serious obstacles. 

We have another round of NFL meetings coming up in Chicago on Aug. 11. The NFL has more meetings than a television newsroom--and that is tough to do.

It's been another busy month on the local golf scene, so let's head out to the first tee and check it out.

Frank Cusumano: I have met thousands of sports figures in my life, but nobody is cooler than 84-year-old Robert George Goalby, who happens to be the greatest golfer to ever come from our area.

It's been a busy month and there's plenty to report, so let's tee it up.

I have covered a lot of wonderful athletes over the years. I am not sure if I have met a better success story than Markus Golden from Affton High School.

It's been a busy month since we last put the ball on the tee.

Dr. Richard Lehman has to be one of the all-time leaders in ACL reconstructions and cartilage surgeries. He has done about 32,000 surgeries in the last 30 years. These days, he usually performs about 20 per week.

Finally, the weather is cooperating and spring really is here! Let's tee it up and see what's happening locally in golf:

Jackie and Lou Brock