Photo by Sarah Crowder

On a recent warm St. Louis night, Maserati St. Louis introduced the new four-door Quattroporte to a large and enthusiastic crowd gathered at Café Napoli in Clayton. As the cover was lifted from the car, it was started: To the delight of the crowd, its engine revved, with an award-winning sonorous exhaust note, touted as scientifically proven to produce a ‘biological response’ in women.

That beautiful exhaust note originates deep within the 3.8-liter, twin-turbo, 523-horsepower V-8 engine that drives the rear wheels of the Maserati through an 8-speed automatic transmission; and can get you to 60 mph in less than five seconds. (A V-6 engine with all-wheel-drive also is available.) To make sure the performance of the car doesn’t exceed your driving talent, the Maserati stability program uses advanced electronics to restore stability if you start to skid by reducing torque and activating the brakes.

Being Italian, the new Quattroporte naturally is gorgeous, from its large grill with prominent trident mascot and the sensuous flowing body lines that would look good in spandex, to its bold rear with LED taillights, integrated spoiler and quad exhaust. Cool, high-intensity bi-xenon headlights not only illuminate the road, but even rotate to aim the lamps into corners as you’re turning.

Of course, once you get in, the beauty continues in the beautiful, rich soft leather that envelops the well-bolstered heated and cooled seats and real wood trim on the dash and doors. A large 8.4-inch touch-screen panel displays the controls for the car’s numerous driving and luxury settings and options. If you choose the four-door Maserati, presumably you’re going to have people riding in back, and those lucky enough to do so are treated to electrically adjustable well-bolstered seats, lots of legroom, an available four-seat configuration with an integrated center armrest with various controls, and optional video screens and folding tables. All passengers get to enjoy the Bowers & Wilkins 1280-watt premium surround-sound system specially designed for the Quattroporte. With that much power, the Italian opera to which you’re listening could blow the fancy doors off the car. Even the trunk is sufficiently sized to make the Quattroporte a fairly practical everyday commuter vehicle.

The driving experience of the powerful aluminum-intensive vehicle promises to be exhilarating, with a double-wishbone suspension up front and a multi-link system at the rear with an electronic suspension that features continuous damping shocks. For spirited driving, the transmission can be shifted manually with steering-wheel mounted shift paddles or the gear selector.

Of course, Italian styling and performance come at a price. For $140,000, the new Quattroporte offers looks, performance, size and functional practicality, as well as an improved fuel efficiency, thanks to its new more fuel-efficient engine.

*Shot on location at Peabody Opera House (

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