The Face Company

An aesthetician at The Face Company uses Palomar Icon, a light-based laser hair removal system.


No two bodies are alike. That’s why The Face Company offers services to satisfy your specific skin. 

Located in the University Club Tower across from Saint Louis Galleria, The Face Company is a medical spa that works to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience through treatments for common face and body issues that arise as we age. Whether you are tired of shaving, overcoming weight-loss surgery or dealing with the signs of aging, the clinic has an answer. From facial treatments to laser hair removal and skin tightening for the face and body, guests can be refreshed from head to toe.

Clients can indulge in the company’s exclusive skin care line that moisturizes, balances, brightens and renews signs of aging. Aestheticians provide a complimentary skin analysis to determine what treatment will best suit your skin. “Our aestheticians will customize a facial treatment for your individual needs,” says Kim Palmier, founder and executive director.

Among specialized facials, The Face Company offers a hydrating facial with cleansing, toning and exfoliation, followed by a paraffin mask. To fight oily skin, a skin-balancing facial can clarify combination skin through cleansing, toning, exfoliating and a balancing clay mask with extractions. For that natural glow, the spa offers a vitamin C mask with antioxidants. And to renew the signs of aging, a specialized facial treatment with retinol, peptide and alpha products rejuvenate the skin.

Beyond the face, the clinical spa has specialized in body treatments, including laser hair removal, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, fat reduction and cellulite reduction for more than 20 years. Through Palomar Icon, a light-based laser hair removal system, clients can start now to be bikini-ready for spring. Typical treatments on the legs and back take 30 minutes, while the underarms and bikini line require less time, Palmier says. “The procedures are non-invasive and require no downtime.” After multiple treatments every six weeks, most clients with dark or light hair can experience long-lasting results, she adds.

The Face Company also uses cutting-edge technology for contouring and tightening skin on the face and body. Viora Reaction, a non-invasive system involving deep-tissue heating, mechanical stretch and mechanical massage, treats cellulite, reduces lax skin following childbirth or weight-loss surgery, and tightens skin to minimize the appearance of aging.

ON THE COVER: The Face Company offers complimentary consultations and private appointments in a clinical spa setting with 14 treatment rooms designed to relax and rejuvenate clients. For more information, call 335-7761 or visit

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