With temperatures soaring to all-time highs this summer, keeping cool is imperative, and nothing helps keep the heat at bay like a glass of fine Missouri wine.


Hermannhof Vineyards. According to Heather Vedder in the Hermanhoff tasting room, the winery’s Seyval Blanc makes for good summertime drinking. “It’s in the style of a sauvignon blanc: light and refreshing with hints of melon and lemon.“

OakGlenn Vineyards and Winery. Co-owner Glenn Warnebold says his semi-dry Vidal Blanc, with its flavors of fruit and citrus, makes for a nicely balanced warm-weather refreshment.

Wenwood Farm Winery. Co-owner Laura Neese recommends a bevy of wines for this time of year, including a limited summer release Legacy Mead (a grape and honey wine), and Kirsch, a red grape wine infused with cherries.

Stone Hill Winery. Senior winemaker Dave Johnson says his favorite Stone Hill summer wine is the Dry Rosé. “It’s a delightful wine. Get it nice and cold and sit on the deck with it.” He adds it’s a perfect pairing with BBQ or grilled chicken.


Chandler Hill Vineyards. Wine director Michael Hill Kennedy II recommends the Cold Spring Rosé, a 2011 Estate Dry Rosé Chamborcin, to help beat the heat. “The palate is light and juicy with watermelon, rhubarb and orange marmalade— perfect for a blazing hot St. Louis summer day.”

Mount Pleasant Estates. Villagio, a blend of several varietals of grapes, including rayon d’or, vignoles and vidal blanc, is the go-to summer white at Mount Pleasant, according to owner Chuck Dressel. “It tastes like a pinot grigio— really light and crisp.”

Noboleis Vineyards. “It’s definitely the season for whites,” says spokeswoman Angie Geis, and the winery’s semi-sweet 2011 Vignoles is definitely selling well among those trying to keep cool. “We’ve also got our 2010 Noboleis Blanc, which is a blend of traminette, vignoles and vidal blanc.”


Chaumette Vineyards & Winery. “The one I reach for most often on a hot day is our Spring Rose,” says owner Hank Johnson. “So many people think a pink-colored wine has to be sweet, but ours is dry.” Also look for Chaumette Assemblage, a light-bodied red blend of Norton and other varietals—perfect when it’s lightly chilled.

Charleville Vineyard Winery & Microbrewery. We’re told the winery’s Genevieve Rivard, a light and fruity blend, is a good bet. The Charleville Chauvin, a dry white made from Chardonel grapes, also makes for some fine summer sipping.

Weingarten Vineyard. Vivant, a semi-dry, semi-sweet white, is proving popular this summer at Weingarten. “It’s very refreshing for the summertime,” says owner Randy Hamann. The winery also offers a sangria, made with its St. Vincent vino, a semisweet red. “It blends well with the other sangria ingredients.”