360, One South Broadway/Hilton at the Ballpark, 241-8439, 360-stl.com.

For a spectacular panoramic overlook of St. Louis, 360 can’t be beat. Perched atop the Hilton downtown, there’s hardly a spot in the restaurant that doesn’t offer a superlative vista to gaze upon. We dropped in recently to see if the menu matched the view.

Once we found a perch, we decided to order up a Stormy Night ($8), a spiced rum concoction from the specialty cocktail list. We have to say we were disappointed in the drink, which was far too sweet and completely one-dimensional. Much better was the O’Fallon Sunset 360 ($6) we sampled next, a hearty red ale brewed specifically for the restaurant by local craft beer favorite O’Fallon Brewery.

The menu had several larger entrees listed, like Maine lobster and hanger steaks, but we decided to eat our way through some of the extensive small plate offerings. The Sliders ($14) came three to an order and were available in three varieties: short rib, meatball and smoked pork belly. These could be be ordered three of a kind or in any combo, and we tried one of each. The smoked pork belly was especially rich and delicious, but our favorite was the tangy meatball, which had a really flavorful pomodoro sauce and gooey melted provolone on top. Next up on our roster was the Korean BBQ Pork Tacos ($9), three porcine delights topped with spicy kimchee. These proved to be a fine fusion of Latin and Asian flavors. For those who might balk at the thought of trying these due to kimchee’s spicy reputation, these tacos had just enough heat and weren’t too fiery at all. Finally, we decided to try out the California Roll ($11). Unfortunately, ours came to the table completely dried out and crumbly.

There were several pizzas on the menu that caught our eye, but when we saw that the Sausage ($14) sported finocchina and coppa from local cured meat masters Salume Beddu, our decision was made for us. Salume Beddu products also were available on a separate sampler platter ($15), and it’s worth noting that 360 utilized ingredients from several other local purveyors in other dishes on its bill of fare as well, including Baetje Farms, Green Dirt Farms, Marcoot Creamery and Hinkebein Hills. The pizza was fairly small, good for sharing, the meats were as delectable as we knew they would be, and the pizza also had a good, crispy thin crust. Potential guests be advised, this pie didn’t have traditional tomato sauce, if that’s a requirement for your ‘za.

One of our guilty pleasures is the occasional candy bar, so when we saw House Kit Kat Bars ($7) on the dessert list, it was a no-brainer. These chocolaty confections were miles beyond their namesake candy, with just the right amount of sweetness and crunch.

The restaurant is open three hours before Cardinals home day games, and on Friday and Saturday nights at 10, when 360 shifts to club mode and features djs. Guests arriving with ticket stubs from that night’s Cards game get their cover charge waived, making 360 a good place to see and be seen before the game, and a fine location to relax and refuel after.

360, One South Broadway/Hilton at the Ballpark, 241-8439, 360-stl.com.

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