If you’re not in the mood for an indie film at Frontenac or the Tivoli, you might want to think about staying home and renting this week. Here is a brief list of movies to avoid at the Cineplex. Sadly, most of them are tops at the box office. We should not be encouraging this type of behavior.

> A Nightmare on Elm Street

This is an uninventive, lukewarm remake with amped-up special effects. And CGI. Iconic villain Freddy Krueger is so deformed he looks more like a volunteer for a special effects makeup class. There are plenty of better ways to get a good scare, including renting the original.

> Furry Vengeance

This painful children’s movie will have even the kiddos rolling their eyes. Brendon Fraser plays a developer who ravages a pristine area only to have the local wildlife take revenge. The premise is cute but the film is poorly animated, badly acted and painfully humorless.

> Date Night

I’ve already reviewed it but apparently people are still buying tickets as it’s No. 3 at the box office. I guess when you look at the selection, Date Night isn’t the worst choice you could make. Which leads me to…

>The Backup Plan

Jennifer Lopez stars in this awful romantic comedy about a woman who conceives via artificial insemination and shortly thereafter meets the man of her dreams. Congratulations, Hollywood. You came up with the least romantic premise I can think of for a romantic comedy.

> The Losers

I have to admit, I enjoyed myself while I was watching it, and my children loved it. (PG-13 for language, violence and mild sexual content.) Now looking back, it is clear what an unintelligent revenge film it truly is. When you’ve got Taken or Kill Bill out there, The Losers is, well, just that.