endless love

Not surprisingly, there are lots of options; however, there isn’t that perfect pithy rom-com most of us are looking for in a date night. Nevertheless, if your romantic evening includes a movie, here are some hand-holding--and some fist-clenching--options.

Winter’s Tale

This is the runaway favorite for a Valentine’s date movie. Personally, I’m withholding judgment. It looks a bit like Kate & Leopold meets Gangs of New York.

Endless Love

I don’t know. This looks like it could be good. I saw the first version 17 times, so I think I’m in a pretty good position to judge.


Ladies, if you’re still in the marketing phase of the relationship and want to make his night…

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

It’s not romantic. In fact, the Ryan’s relationship with a rigid doctor easily is the most irritating part of the movie. But I’d rather see a good movie than a bad romance.

Labor Day

Truthfully, I threw up into my mouth a little bit. The only reason I would even tell you to rent this movie is if you needed something on in the background while you were trying to take a nap.

That Awkward Moment

Clearly, the moment to which the title refers is after the closing credits at the premiere. This movie is atrocious.

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