The Roommate: It’s a 1

Let’s go over the list:

ânº Two seemingly normal girls rooming together: Check.

ânº One immediately displays serious boundary issues: Check.

ânº Everyone is completely aware the girl is unhinged except the other roommate: Check.

ânº Scene where crazy pretends to be asleep then opens her eyes ominously: Check.

ânº Stalking scene in book stacks of library: Check.

ânº Shot of crazy through a gap in the rows of books: Check.

ânº Shower attack scene: Check.

ânº Single White Female puppy incident: No. Here, it’s a kitten.

ânº Watching while roommate sleeps/hair stroking: Check.

    So there you have it. This movie is devoid of purpose. There isn’t even a semi-nude girly tickle fight for the teenage boys in the cheap seats. The guy next to me was playing Angry Birds on his iPhone… and I didn’t care.