I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting sappy in my old age. Reviews of this film dangle words like ‘overly sentimental’ and ‘thinly scripted.’ To me, the words that come to mind are sweet and magical. I was reminded of the wildly underrated film, Big Fish. This is just an endearing story about a couple desperately wanting a child and miraculously getting their wish.

Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim (Joel Edgerton) are infertile. The doctors have explained in no uncertain terms that they cannot conceive a biological child. So one night, on a whim, they write down every quality they would want in a child—if they could have one: smart, honest to a fault, OK, yes, they flirt with schmaltzy. They then bury the list in a box in the garden. Imagine their surprise when a small boy sprouts.

This is just a sweet story about parenting and family—the good and the bad. Edgerton and Garner are both incredibly likeable actors, and Garner has an obvious flair for motherhood. Her chemistry with young Timothy (CJ Adams) is endearing. This movie won’t astound you, but I can use a word to describe it that I don’t get to use very often: wholesome.

It's a 7.

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