I was chided mercilessly for giving the first Expendables installment a 7. Granted, when I saw it, I was on vacation and may or may not have had a drink with an umbrella in it. When I rewatched it, I realized that I may have been generous—I mean, between Schwarzenegger and Stallone, it’s a wonder you can even understand what they’re saying. This time, however, I’m sticking to my guns, literally. This is an action movie, a good action movie—nothing more, nothing less. If you’re looking for Oscar nods, go somewhere else. If you want to see some stuff blow up, this is your film.

The plot is fairly basic: explosion, explosion, gun fight, hand-to-hand combat, plane crash, revenge killing, joke, car chase, Terminator reference, explosion, gun fight, teaser for Expendables 3. It’s gripping, but it also stars some of the greatest action stars of all time— albeit some a bit long in the tooth—doing what they do best.

The producers wisely brought in a young gun in the form of Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth. I guess they needed someone who could do the scenes where there’s running. This isn’t art, but it’s a fun, entertaining popcorn-muncher. And yes, it’s a 7.