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Scarlett Johansson

The recently single starlet was spotted getting in a workout and picking up Chinese food for one. ScarJo recently broke it off with beau Nate Taylor and is apparently enjoying some well-deserved alone time. And No. 17 on the list of 100 ways to know you’re famous: when the press cares about your carry-out food habits.

Zayn Malik

The One Direction heart throb found himself in a little hot water last week after what I’m sure he thought was an innocent tweet. The singer tweeted that he loved Chris Brown’s new song, Don’t Judge Me. Well, the tweet was met with angry responses from followers who are not Chris Brown fans. The tweets then spread to Instagram posts and hit You Tube—it’s the first time a virus spread through the music industry that did not require medication.

Donald Trump

Taking a break from stumping for Mitt Romney, The Donald chimed in on the second most important thing going on in the country: the rocky relationship between Robert Pattinson and Twilight costar Kristen Stewart. Trump emphatically tweeted that Pattinson should not take Stewart back after her now-infamous affair. It’s nice that he cares. Perhaps Donald will even take Pattinson girlfriend-shopping at the Miss USA pageant later this month.

Susan Boyle

The Scottish crooner created quite a stir in Las Vegas last week when she performed with her idol, Donny Osmond. Boyle behaved so erratically that audience members speculated she was on drugs. Boyle’s reps claim that she has been in love with Donny Osmond since he was a teenager and her nerves got the better of her. Is it me or is it weird that she was in love with a teenager when she was 40?

*so don’t quote me.