I’m a simple girl. I don’t ask much of a movie. In my mind, the best thing a movie can be is engaging. Ideally, it would be well acted, but it’s not a requirement. And I’ve given up on unpredictable and original. So here we have Safe House, and yes, it is neither original nor unpredictable—well, it’s unpredictable if you haven’t been to the movies in 15 years. It also may be original if that is, in fact, the case. It is, however, undeniably engaging and extremely well acted.

Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) is a junior G-man working as the overseer of a South African CIA safe house. His day consists of bouncing a tennis ball against a wall and monitoring uninteresting surveillance cameras. All that changes when a seriously menacing black ops team checks in to the safe house with a notorious prisoner in tow. Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is the CIA’s most infamous traitor. He disappeared years ago and has spent his career exposing the agency’s missions and operatives. Get your water boards ready, because this skilled group of interrogators is about to find out what Tobin Frost knows. That is, until another mysterious, heavily armed team crashes the party, leaving Matt and Tobin running for their lives.

You know the drill. Bad guys are good, good guys are bad. Black is white. Night is day. Up is down. Matt doesn’t know who to trust, but he is starting to realize Tobin may not be the man the CIA paints him to be.

It's a 7.