I think if I were a filmmaker and someone described one of my movies as nice, I would be insulted. But I can honestly say, when I describe this film as nice, I mean it as a huge compliment. It’s a creative, funny, weird—yet human—story about families and life, oh, and a robot.

Frank Weld (Frank Langella) is a retired cat burglar. He is living in rural New York state, in the near future, and struggling with dementia. His only pleasure is his daily walk to the local library to check out books and visit with the friendly librarian, Jennifer (Susan Sarandon). Realizing that Frank cannot take care of himself, his son, Hunter (James Marsden), brings him an assist robot (Peter Sarsgaard). Think of it as the latest version of a home health care provider. The robot cooks and cleans and tries to keep Frank’s mind stimulated with gardening and hobbies. But when Frank discovers that the robot has certain skills and not much programming when it comes to the criminal justice system, Frank thinks of a new hobby for them to try.

Honestly, I had no complaints about this movie. There is a sensitivity and intelligence to it, and it addresses the concept of what having memories means to be human with elegance. On top of that, it’s a funny, quirky little story. It won’t blow you away, but I found it refreshing.

It's a 7.