Just in time for the 50th anniversary of The Beatles crossing the pond, Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles will again make its way to St. Louis. The two-hour jukebox musical features four mop-top look-alikes performing the Fab Four’s hits, spanning their career from I Want to Hold Your Hand and fainting female fans to Hey Jude and the Vietnam War. LN spoke with Joey Curatolo, a.k.a. ‘Paul McCartney,’ about playing the famous left-hander, why St. Louis loves the show and what fans can expect from the upcoming production.

What are some of the strategies you use to become Paul?

We use what I like to call ‘Beatles School,’ which means we use the CDs and records as textbooks to learn the curriculum. A lot of the technology today allows us to hone in on their movements and habits and the characters within. It’s a study of trying to embody them and then calling them up on stage for the two hours we’re up there.

Have you ever attempted to play guitar left-handed?

I play right-handed and always have. For me, it’s more about the music, so instead of switching, I stay true to the music.

Is it more difficult to play Paul than the other members of the band?

With all due respect to my cast mates, yes, it is. Next to Lennon, Paul has the most singing and a higher register. Paul is also the master of ceremonies because of the character he is. He was the spokesman of The Beatles—he’s at the helm of the ship and is the captain of the bus. In our show, he’s doing quite a bit. He plays bass, then guitar, then piano and back again. He’s moving along throughout the whole show.

Have you ever met Paul in real life?

Not yet. Though I’m praying for that day. It will happen.

What new aspects can fans expect from the show next week?

The entire show has been revamped. We’ve added five new LED screens and changed some content within the show. It’s modernized and refreshed. The new panels take the show from film to hi-definition. We also have new cast members. My son, who’s named Paul of all things, also plays McCartney. He is left-handed and has been with the show for a couple months now. Erin Giaza has also joined. These boys are third-generation Beatles fans in their 20s and are incredible.

This is the fifth time RAIN has been to St. Louis. Do you see a different reaction in St. Louis fans?

There’s a real connection between St. Louis and the love of The Beatles. They took to us the first time we came in. I think they respect the level of detail we put into the show. It’s one of our favorite spots to show up to on our tour. St. Louis is magnificent to us, and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate them supporting the show.

Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles opens Nov. 15 for three shows at the Fabulous Fox Theater. Tickets range from $27.50 to $57.50, and can be purchased in person at the box office at 527 N. Grand Blvd., by calling 534-1111 or by visiting metrotix.com.

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