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Jillian Michaels 

Photo by Don Flood

With hit TV show, The Biggest Loser, bestselling books and 1.6 million people visiting her weight loss website each month, Jillian Michaels has become one of the nation’s most popular experts on healthy eating, exercise and leading an exceptional life. Now, she is sharing her success secrets with audiences across the country through her Maximize Your Life tour, a live show coming May 11 to the Fox Theatre. LN recently spoke with Michaels about her personal health journey and her upcoming show, which aims to help people kickstart their life and fitness goals and achieve health and happiness.

Tell us about your new live show.

It’s a multimedia experience that is high-energy and interactive, so bring your pen and paper and be ready to get involved. We’ll be exploring ways in which we sabotage ourselves and get in our own way, and how to turn those things around. There will be diet and exercise information; but more important, the show is really about why you might not have fulfilled your life, whether that be in love, happiness or a career. It is about bringing hope back in our lives and feeling really empowered.

Why did you want to take your life and fitness coaching on tour?

I’ve always found that direct connection with audiences—looking people in the eye and giving them an unfiltered, unedited message—really is the best way to transcend the nonsense, connect with them and help them turn things around.

What are some ways to jump start a healthy lifestyle?

The first step you need to engage in is to get educated on the whole picture. You can learn how much and what foods to eat, etc., but first you need all of the information. Informed choices are going to yield powerful results.

How can busy women fit fitness into their daily routine?

I’ll try to pop in an exercise DVD while my daughter is running around the living room, or I will get in a workout with my kids—by going for bike ride with them in the backseat, or going on a hike with them in a carrier. You and your partner also can take turns watching the kids, or grandparents can watch the kids, so you can take that flywheel or yoga class and squeeze in those four hour-long workouts a week. And if you’re doing things the right way, you can limit your workouts to half an hour.

What are some tips on staying motivated toward a healthy lifestyle?

I really try to help people find their 'why'—why you want to stay healthy, why you want to change. What does it look like in your life: Are you playing sports with your kids? Are you wearing a bikini on the beach for your 20th wedding anniversary? Once you figure out the why, you can tolerate any 'how.'

From The Biggest Loser to personal training and public speaking, what have been some career highlights for you thus far?

I was really excited when we had our first female Biggest Loser in season 5, when my book hit the New York Times bestseller list, and when I was asked to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative, as well as Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference. But I would say the No. 1 thing is having people come up to me on the street and say I helped them lose weight, find love, start their own business or transform into something positive and powerful.

Your website shows almost 3 million pounds lost by your clients. How does that make you feel?

I always feel really honored to be a part of someone’s journey with their physical health or their emotional well-being. People always say there are two parts to your life: your family life and your professional life. And while my family life is the most meaningful, all of those people I have reached have given my professional life so much meaning, as well. I feel blessed.

What are some of your personal wellness and fitness goals?

For me, it’s a matter of staying on track and healthy for my kids so that I can be that active parent. I want to be on the slopes with my kids, not standing at the bottom of the hill watching them.

Why should people attend the show?

If there’s somebody who feels like they're stuck in a rut or feeling unfulfilled in some way in life, this is the show for you. Let me help you get past those barriers. Everyone has the ability to achieve their dreams, they just need the information to do so.

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