Our story begins with uptight Manhattan attorney Diane (Catherine Keener), who is discussing the seating arrangements for a dinner party with her uptight Manhattan-attorney husband, Mark (Kyle MacLachlan). It is at that inopportune time that he chooses to tell her he wants a divorce. Stunned, if not saddened, Diane loads up her daughter, Zoe (Elizabeth Olsen), and son, Jake (Nat Wolff), and heads up to Woodstock, N.Y. There, she reunites with her estranged mother, Grace (Jane Fonda), a tried-and-true flower child, and the love-in begins.

If you guessed that hippie mother and buttoned-up daughter butt heads at first, give yourself a gold star. Diane meets Jude (the underemployed Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a sexy carpenter, and the attraction is instant. Zoe meets Cole (Chace Crawford), a sexy butcher—and despite her vegan leanings, the attraction is instant. Jake meets Tara (Marissa O’Donnell) and yada yada yada, the attraction stuff.

This movie is actually a very sweet, well-acted film with a very satisfying final 20 minutes. On the downside, it slips way too far into stereotype with swinging pot parties, homemade clothes and constant references to Garcia and Hendrix. The film wants you to side with the hippie grandmother, but after she gets her grandkids stoned, you start to see Diane’s tightly wound point.

It's a 6.